Metal Sheet Surface Monitoring System :


Features :

The Web Inspection System consists of High Resolution, Dual 8K Colour Line-Scan Cameras (Or 4nos 8K Line-scan Cameras) based Image Processing System, depending upon the Accuracy requirements of the End-User.
The Inspection System is capable of Identifying Visual defects such as Scratches, Dents, Foreign Marks, or any other surface anomalies as compared to OK surface.
The High Res Line Scan Cameras continuously Monitor the Web at High Speeds & on Identifying any deviations from the Std Surface raises an Audio-Visual Alarm to Alert the Operator.
Alternatively, an Optional Online Tagging Mechanism can also be present which will Tag the locations of defects on the Moving Web to alert the Operator later on.
Although the system can Identify 1 size of defect, the Tolerances are User-Settable and can be Set higher than minimum resolution detectable.