Valve Guide Inspection Systems


  • Detection of the surface defects for the casting components on all the side, i.e. Both the sides and the complete cylindrical surface of the component.
  • Detection of the mixed-up component (Another variant) in a given running batch.


  • Basically, this is a standalone off-line machine where Cylindrical casting components will be inspected for the various surface defects and the mixing of the products than the running batch component.
  • Operator will have to place components at specific location on the indexing roller conveyor. Then components will be taken to three different Camera based Inspection station where component will be inspected for the required parameters from all the sides viz. Left side, Right side and the
  • Total cylindrical surface of the component. These inspection stations will have suitable cameras, Lenses and the Lighting system.
  • Based upon the Result, Component will be sent to either at the trays having Good Quality products OR at the Rejection tray. There shall be two separate rejection trays collecting components having Surface defects and Mixed-up components respectively.
  • This machine can run at the Max. speed of 15 Components/minute.

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